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Search my books by clicking on the link below.  Use your Edit/find feature to search for books.

 Old Bag Lady Books For Sale

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Welcome to

Old Bag Lady Books




To find used & rare books F/S:


                  Old Bag Lady Books For Sale

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Selling & Shipping

  Since 1992




I like to sell used and collectible books. And a few other related and totally unrelated items. I hope that you find something that interests you on one of the pages you can link to from this page. If you do find something to purchase, please email me.

Let me introduce myself:


Located in SW Florida, I answer my email daily - if the daily thunderstorms haven't knocked out the electricity, or the hurricanes haven't knocked off the roof, or the alligators haven't eaten us! Surviving in SW FL can be much more of a challenge than in some other more, well, northern states.


If you've never lived here, let me explain. Most people have heard of the hurricanes and alligators but what about the 4 -5 foot monitor lizards which live around us? Or the equally large iguanas which can climb on house roofs, pythons and boa constrictors. Then, of course, there are the sharks and stingrays (if you are the adventurous type who will go into the gulf), the sheet flooding and fire season. And don't forget sink holes. Sink holes large enough for a car to fall down into while the owner was filling up at a gas station - with his wife sitting inside the car (now just how much snow do you have to get per season to make you want to pick up everything and move south so you can be at risk of falling 10 feet into the ground while filling up the car?).


The payoff is the 90-92 degree pool and gulf water temps in July and August (we just have to be careful to swim inbetween lightning strikes). But, like the north with those pesky ice storms, you can adjust to the obstacles to enjoy the beauty.


Also, it is very hard to die of boredom down here - just watching out the window can scare you to death: the above mentioned wildlife in addition to birds eating the fish in the newly flooded back yard

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